The first impression

The best form of communication with myself is via email or text message. Phone calls can be arranged upon appointment. Please know that the first impression counts and the first enquiry will say a lot about you. I do not respond to blunt or impolite enquires. Responses may take up to 24 hours, I appreciate the patience for my response.

An appropriate way to approach an initial enquiry is to introduce yourself, and request the desired date, time and duration of the booking. Any additional information or requests are encouraged in order for me to be able to assist.


Please know I do not tolerate illegal drugs or drug-related behaviour, intoxication or disrespect in my presence. If at any point – you are to place me in an uncomfortable position, I will excuse myself or politely ask you to leave and the payment will not be refunded. If any inappropriate behaviour persists, I will be forced to inform security/police.


Please know that my main form of advertising is Scarlet Blue. My social media handles are via Instagram and Twitter. Please know other handles with my images may not be accurate interpretations as these are not run by myself.


Please know I may ask for escort references before securing a meeting.


Please know that if we are meeting for the first time – a $600 deposit to secure our meeting is favoured and will take priority. Same day transfers are not accepted.

Deposits are accepted via bank transfer or cash deposit via a Commonwealth Bank ATM. Bank details will be provided upon locking in a meeting. Please know deposits are non-refundable.

It is understandable that unforeseen circumstances may occur which may result in a cancellation of the meeting. As deposits are non-refundable, I am pleased to retain this for another meeting time if I am given 24 hours notice. Less than 24 hours notice will result in myself retaining the whole fee.

See Rates..


If there is an intention of possibly extending our meeting, please have extra cash ready for this. I do not accept post payment. Extending time with me is subject to availability on the day.

Fly me to you

If you’re keen to meet me and I don’t have plans to be in your city, I accept fly me to you meetings. Please know my time, flights and accommodation must be covered. Full prepayment via bank transfer must be cleared before arrival – this is non-negotiable.

Rate changes

My rates are subject to change at anytime. If you regularly see me – I am more than happy to honour the original rate upon our first meeting. In addition, discounted rates for longer dates can be discussed upon building a regular escort-client relationship.


Please know your identity will always remain confidential. I am fully independent and will never pass on your information to any third parties. If I ever post anything public about our meeting – this will only be from my point of view and will not disclose any names, images that may identify who you are.

Sexual Heath

Please know that I respect my own as well as my clients health. I regularly get tested for STDs and ensure protection is always used. I do not provide natural services under any circumstance. (This also includes oral services – covered BJ allowed) I would ask that my decision is to be respected and that there are no negotiations.

About me

I am very welcoming towards lovely and respectful gentleman. I will never discriminate against your age, race, appearance, marital status, occupation, disability etc. Read more..

Please send me an email at for any further questions. I look forward to meeting you. x