Below are some lovely words about me from true gentlemen.


I see her every chance I get and she never disappoints, in fact she only becomes more magical as time goes by. I could eulogize to you about this woman from from dusk till dawn but I’ll save you the time by keeping it short and simply state that Vivienne is someone you simply have to see.
John – October 2019 on Scarlet Blue

My recommendation to the reader is do not miss the opportunity to make contact with Vivienne if she is touring. A beautiful treasure.
Edward – October 2019 on Scarlet Blue

I think I said something similar last time, we got on as if we are age old friends and lovers.
I’ll keep our intimate bits private, all I will say is that Vivienne is a gem to be with and even surprised an old codger like me, perfect!!
Until your next visit Vivienne. My best as always!
Bob Kent – September 2019 on Scarlet Blue

She was sensual and intriguing, she was mischievous and innocent. At the end of our time I wished she wouldn’t go away because for me a unique and special harmony had been created. I was so comfy with her next to me. It was an unforgettable dinner date with a special girl.
LL – September 2019 on Scarlet Blue

I know the words I write here can only scratch the surface and give you a tiny idea of how wonderful Viv really is, but here goes with a few words.
Delightful, Authentic, Sexy, Alluring, Attractive, Genuine, HOT, real, Adventurous, Humorous, Considerate, Sensual, Courteous, Affectionate, Exuberant, Intuitive, and just down right jaw dropping….
Portuge – September 2019 on Scarlet Blue

There is so much more to Vivienne than her beautiful face. Somehow she manages to fit an enormous heart inside her gorgeous, petite bod! Over time, we have been growing closer, building trust, sharing deeper affection.
Marque – July 2019 on Scarlet Blue

Vivienne is the most genuine and down to earth woman I have ever had the delightful privilege to meet. More stunning than her photographs, you can’t help but be swept away by her angelic face and infectious smile.
Alan – February 2019 on Scarlet Blue

Vivienne is by far the sweetest and most beautiful girl I’ve met.
Larry – January 2019 on Scarlet Blue

She is perfect, down to earth and made me feel wonderful. The unique thing about Vivienne is she makes you feel like a long lost friends connecting again.
Bob Kent – September 2018 on Scarlet Blue

She has the whole package; she’s mesmerisingly beautiful, her kisses are something you can get very addicted to and she genuinely wants you to be “happy” by the end of it.
Justin – July 2018 on Scarlet Blue

The only downside is how long it takes me to get her out of my mind after a meeting!!
Matt – June 2018 on Scarlet Blue

Just as beautiful in person as her photos make out. She is fun, kind, patient and easy to talk to. Highly recommended.
J – May 2018 on Scarlet Blue

Not only did I find Vivienne more beautiful in person, but also her friendly demeanor which put me in ease.
K121 – February 2018 on Scarlet Blue

As a regular punter it takes a lot for me to be impressed.. however upon meeting Vivienne.. WOW!
CO – January 2018 on Scarlet Blue

The best description I can think of for Vivienne is “devilishly adorable” – extremely cute with an amazing smile on the outside, but a very naughty streak on the inside.
Jared – November 2017 on Scarlet Blue

For me she has proven to be both a muse and confidant, someone I could easily spend a night in deep conversation and nothing else. Vivienne is a woman deserving of your respect, and with that you might just discover the width and breadth of a woman that most of us only dream about.
Dr S – November 2017 on Scarlet Blue

Had a really good chat with her, she is mature beyond her years and is genuinely a good listener. Sometimes things turn out just right and for me this was one of those times….
Aldo – September 2017 on Punter Planet

Beautiful person who made me feel comfortable straight away and had an absolutely amazing night.
Chris – July 2017 on Scarlet Blue

The best decision I’ve made was Vivienne!
Sammy – July 2017 on Scarlet Blue

Vivi is a passionate and attentive lover. My Melbourne afternoon quickly became and bright and hot! Can’t wait to spend more time with this gorgeous girl.
Doc J – July 2017 on Scarlet Blue

Quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made!
It’s only been an hour and I’m already planning our next meeting!
James – June 2017 on Scarlet Blue