67101161_758859444531518_1360193392201433088_nFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

What is included in the girlfriend experience?
If you didn’t read already, I provide a very genuine experience.

Everyone I meet is different! Therefore I don’t have a rule book or a step by step manual I follow. I would say though – expect a good time! 🙂 All I ask for is respect and good manners on top which you can provide for free!

I do list a general guide on my Scarlet Blue but I prefer not to base my experience on a list of services. With the intimacy, I really want to connect with your energy and follow your pace!

Do you offer the porn star experience (PSE)?
To simplify things, I have one rate for our time together. The services I am comfortable with providing are all inclusive in my one rate. I definitely have a cheeky side and enjoy certain “porn star” services but it is up to my discretion.

Please note BBBJ is not offered and not negotiable.  Thank you for understanding. 🙂

What is your age, background, size etc.?
I’ve added a general guide below! 🙂
Age: 25
Background: Australian born, Asian ethnicity
Height: 149cm / 4’11”
Weight: ~ 44kg
Breast Size: Natural B-Cup
Tattoos: One (hidden)
Body Hair: None (lasered)

I’ve seen your ad/photos on other sites other than Scarlet Blue and Tryst. Is this still you?
I have had a history of other sources stealing my images to scam potential clients. I would advise for you to do extra research and check my phone number and email aligns. Another reason is I may have made an ad I don’t use anymore (eg. when touring). Please keep in mind that other sources may not be accurate.

I’m not comfortable with paying a deposit, can I pay in cash on the day?
I do endeavour to make the booking process as easy as possible! Generally I would ask for one because I either need to lock in a hotel to meet you or move around my other plans to accommodate our meeting. In some cases, I will waive requiring a deposit.
– If the reason is because you need to disclose your details, cardless cash deposits are an option at Commonwealth Bank ATMs and are instant! All I need to do is send you my details.

If I need to cancel/postpone our meet, what is your policy?
I understand that important things can arise which may impact our booking! If I have taken a deposit from you, I am happy to save this deposit for a future booking if I have adequate notice. (> 24-48 hours) I’ll try my best to work with you case by case.

If I haven’t received a deposit and you have cancelled < 24 hours prior to our meet, I would appreciate a small cancellation fee – this would be greatly appreciated and I would guarantee any future meetings with me.

I’ve already booked in with you, is it possible to extend our booking on the day?
In most cases, this shouldn’t be a problem at all! Feel free to let me know on the day and make sure you have extra cash on you to cover the extra time.

We have never met before – I tried to call and/or have sent you a message, I haven’t received a reply. Why?
This could be for many different reasons.
– Very rarely do I respond to blunt or inappropriate messages such as “Hi/Hello,” “Hey babe,” “You free now?” “Available?” etc. I am still human after all and deserve the respect to receive a formal enquiry (it doesn’t have to be an essay). Also if you have all the appropriate information in your first message, it makes it easier for both of us! 🙂
– I only respond to missed phone calls when a voicemail is left. This is for discretional purposes and I want to make sure I am in contact with you at an appropriate time.
– There may have been an issue with the phone/email. There are very rare cases where I may have missed out on replying to you.

I do give second chances. Feel free to send me another text or email! 🙂

We have met before and I’ve noticed your rate change. Can I still pay the old rate?
If we have met regularly (case by case depending on which city), I am still happy to honour my old rate. It is up to my discretion. Feel free to ask! 🙂

I would love for you to visit my city? Will you have any upcoming tours?
I am passport ready! Feel free to email me expressions of interest and this will definitely influence where I decide to tour in the future!