My introduction in the anticipation of a future meeting

My name is Vivienne Law and I have been of existence since mid-2017, not literally… 🙂 Moving forward, I am in fact a 24 year old woman born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I have recently finished a University degree and will likely continue my studies in the future. In terms of my appearance, what is most noticeable is I almost stand naturally at 150cm (4’11”) but luckily for high heels I occasionally pass for 155cm. Very petite indeed that I have coined this new nickname from others as “pocket rocket”. I am a petite size 4-6, with long black hair and chocolate brown eyes. As for my looks in general, I will let you decide that for yourself.

You may wonder what my intentions or goals when meeting a gentleman in this arrangement. The short answer is I genuinely love to be of service to wonderful men. What makes me smile is hearing or reading a simple sentence of appreciation such as “thank you”.

Every experience for me is different with every individual, each encounter is personalised for each gentleman – you are meeting the real me. Through each encounter, I am continually opening my mind through intimacy, always indulging in intelligent and challenging conversations which makes up the person I am today. Our meetings are discreet, but are special – my client relationships are continually ever-growing in the present through building trust and connection overtime.

I do not discriminate at all based on age, race, disability or physical appearance. Good manners and respect is very attractive and will ensure a first meeting as well as regular meetings with me.

I hope that this information helps and I look forward to meeting you for some cherished memories.

Kind Regards,