As mentioned in the jimmy choo post, I was feeling quite down for personal reasons.

My good mate decided to take me out for a Friday night. Hotel room booked, champagne and red wine ready followed by a night out in the Sydney CBD. Shown below is probably only half the amount of alcohol consumed by two people as well as tipsy Viv at dinner. Highlights for this night, apparently going missing for about 20 minutes in the restaurant toilet, almost breaking my mate’s neck when trying to reenact the dance from Dirty Dancing as well as my first noise complaint at the hotel. (I blast music and dance when drunk haha)



Anywho, erosreflection messages me the next day saying he is in town for work. His model also cancelled on him last minute for a photoshoot and I offered to come by (warned him already about my previous champagne night). He is seriously good at what he does because I was massively hungover in these shots.