Written on March 12th 2019. See original entry on Scarlet Blue.

As suggested in the title, this is Viv’s first diary entry! I’ll probably look back on this later and question why did I say all of this, but here it goes!

It’s already March 2019, almost reaching two amazing years as Vivienne and later hitting age 25 in civilian life. My quarter-life crisis did come a little early recently which has made me contemplate my life and future in general. There will be some big changes this year. My life has always been hectic from civilian working or studying or photoshoots or some socialising or seeing clients then back to more work etc. Definitely highs and lows but no regrets at all – I think I’ve finally found my passion.

From May 2019, I’m leaving my 9-5 civilian job and taking Vivienne full time!

Before you react… this isn’t the first time I’ve announced this. The common reactions I receive are “Uh oh……”, or the “Hmmmm… what else are you going to do?” or “Ohh.. that’s cool…” From almost two years of experience, I know that being Vivienne Law isn’t just about meeting in a hotel room and offering sex. I truly have a passion for what I do and have respect and loyalty for the individuals I build a relationship with. My drive comes from the feeling I have when I am making a positive difference in someones life – and I’m very lucky to be able to have fun doing this as well as being able to support myself financially at the same time. On top of my regular clientele, looking to explore into the field of making more content as well as working with disabled clients and possibly mentoring.

Regardless, I’m still freaking out on one side with this decision as I do lose stability as well as being in charge of my own income. On the other, I’m super excited for my new endeavours and projects. Right now I say to myself, if you want success and happiness in life – stop playing it safe and take the risk. As a client once told me “If it’s going to be. It’s up to me.”

What are your thoughts?