first shoot with gyokko

Flew to London for a second time in September 2018 since it was so good the first time! Unfortunately just for six nights because I just got promoted at the civilian job which I didn’t anticipate when I planned this tour.

Compared to the previous shoots, I’m thinner here haha. Not condoning this at all, I was very very very sick on the flight to London. (couldn’t even keep water down) Had a few dinner dates and really struggled to eat for quite a few days… Oh well, worthwhile trip regardless as I had the opportunity to explore London a little more and met some amazing people.


I believe I have been following @gyokko for quite a while and we missed out on shooting on my first trip to the UK. Fortunately our schedules aligned on a Saturday morning and even did some just for fun iPhone video as well! More pictures below. 🙂 Another shoot likely in 2019!