first shoot with justin fox

January 2018 – I finally met Justin Fox!

I think in 2016 somewhere, Justin reached out to me on Model Mayhem. Before Vivienne, I was doing TFP photoshoots on the side in my personal life. We replied to each other and must’ve gotten busy with life then. Time passed by and we befriended each other on facebook and then we still did our own thing. After starting Vivienne, I approached him on Instagram and we finally organised a shoot.

I remember being super nervous, I had heard great things about Justin from other photographers I’ve met in the past and I had seen all his amazing work with girls and models who I believe are extremely beautiful. I wasn’t extremely confident as there was just ordinary me (short and petite) coming to shoot with Justin Fox.

For a first shoot, we just connected and hit it off with amazing shots.

As you’ll see in the present, he has played a massive role since in my life both personally and professionally.

See the full set on Justin’s page!