first shoot with noir impressions

January 2018 was my first time to London as well as finally meeting noir impressions! Super kind, respectful and dedicated in everything he does. Someone I would consider a good friend across the world. We maintained a virtual relationship for about half a year until we finally had the opportunity to meet in another city!

I am blessed to have shot with noir impressions, not just once but three times on the trip! On my end, I definitely felt I grew mentally and this trip really opened my mind to the world.

My highlights being: I managed to see all the tourist attractions with a new gent who booked me for an entire day! Lucky to explore intense physical connections with another. Met a virtual friend (noirimpressions) and crossed paths with Sydney friends in another city.

Lucky me also was shot on film as well by noir impressions! I shoot with him again very soon in May 2019 in Sydney. Looking forward to it!

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