last subject at university

Currently recapping my life six months ago…. (writing this piece in June 2019, I’ve been tardy in updating my website)

Well….. January 2019. It’s slow season for working, I presume most people are on holidays or getting back into work. I still managed to meet a few new and regular faces so it wasn’t all bad. 🙂

I also decided to juggle full-time civilian work with Viv work with my last subject for my university degree. It wasn’t too bad… My mate Justin Fox helped me on my final project since it was Analogue Photography. My degree then finally finished. 🙂

I also did a photoshoot as well. Cool hotel – the Old Clare. I come back here a few more times in 2019. This was also the start for me being more fit, no more tubby belly now. 🙂