Not surprising for the busy bee I am – another photoshoot at 6am Monday morning before heading into the civilian job at 9am. As mentioned in my previous post, this is at Pier One as well. It is super interesting to see how the same model and same room looks like with different photographers. Loving the creativity from different individuals.

If only I was here all the time however I can’t justify $1200+ a night for a room. 🙂


From this shoot, I truly appreciate the advice I had been given as well as the direction into moving my career in another direction. This was probably the time where I started to really think about taking Vivienne “full-time.” Looking back, I always thought this was just a side thing but it doesn’t have to be. In the end, I do love what I do – so why not? Well, it took me quite a few months for me to have the courage to make my own path.


I also did a video my first professional video as well! 🙂