opera house and four seasons

I’ve skipped a few months – July 2018. Quite a few changes during this time. I turned 24 in June, had my first tour to Brisbane, said farewell to one of my girlfriends/colleague/housemate and moved into a new apartment.

I decided to book a hotel for myself and my girlfriend as we had a farewell dinner planned with some drinks. Since I booked a nice room in the four seasons, why not do a photoshoot as well. 🙂 Well I fit in two in this case.


I won’t go into depth and it isn’t my place to speak about it, it was the last time I saw my good mate Justin Fox for a while as well. 🙁



I believe in this part of my life I was quite overwhelmed with civilian work. My body wasn’t looking great, I probably was not walking around much, drinking quite a lot and my business as Vivienne Law was just a side hustle. Taking on the extra duties in the civilian job made me drained most days.

Looking over my income I made as Vivienne in July – it sucked. Equivalent to the low peak season being January. Thank god for regulars.

Any who, I received a civilian job promotion not long after this time so I don’t think I have much on for another two months. (Well I definitely was busy but life wasn’t too exciting) Here’s some shots below by Justin Fox in some Calvin Kleins. 🙂