This photo set will probably show a vulnerable part of myself. If you followed my movements around early June 2019, you may have noticed I went through a hard time.

Blogging about this incident 7 weeks later – still brings a sadness that I never thought I would ever experience. I won’t delve into the details as they are personal to my family. This was probably the worst week of my life. On the postive side, I have extremely supportive friends who were instantly there for me during this stressful time and I’m forever grateful.

I met up with Justin Fox, my main photographer as well as my really good friend. I don’t think he has ever seen me so emotional as I’m usually quite a strong person! Nick Turner was around when I came by – we managed to produce great moody shots in the Threesome Studio. It was hard to smile, so I just let my emotions run as they were in this shoot.

I promise that from here, I got a lot stronger and went back to work after one week. I had a conversation recently, life throws hurdles at you. In the end, sometimes there’s nothing we can do except to overcome the obstacle.