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How Men Should Behave On A First Date

I’ve been dating for over five years, from once-off first dates, casual relationships to long term boyfriends. At present, I’m currently happily single, however, I have the luxury of experiencing all the common dating scenarios at once – I just get paid for it.

Dating can be easy yet so hard. I started my first dating profile on RSVP when it was seen as taboo to meet someone online. Effort was required to have a decent set of photos and an engaging “about me” section. I definitely remember the anticipation to check my inbox to see if I received a new message!

Today, I see that online dating applications are widely accepted and you just require your best profile image and maybe one line to draw attention to the high volume of users. A first date sounds easy as mutually swiping right, however the opportunities can be lost just as easily.

Regardless if I am dating for leisure or business, once the first date is locked in – it is exciting as ever! Meeting different people of various backgrounds, personalities and experiences has provided insight into how I view my life and decisions. Even for the not so great dates, this has definitely challenged my interests and tolerances to certain behaviours.

How Are First Timer Clients Different From Experienced Ones?

I tend to attract all different experience levels when it comes to meeting an escort – a significant portion would be first timers. A common trait of a first timer would be the lack of confidence and nervousness which is completely understandable, in most cases I would say this isn’t something someone does on a whim. There is time and money which is invested for a meeting and you never know what to expect for a first date. Even I can feel a little nervousness with the first date however this usually subsides not long after building the connection and chemistry.

Ways To Impress You On A First Date

As with any type of meeting, the first impression really does count when it comes to dating. When I think about the individual memories of the lovely people I meet, I always remember the introduction. I cannot guarantee this works for everyone, but the simple and free way to impress me is through engaging and intelligent conversations. I am genuinely interested to get to know my dates and it’s great when they also want to discover my thoughts and interests. After a great date, a follow-up appreciation message is always going to guarantee a smile on my face.


Common Mistakes Men Make On A Date

As mentioned, I indulge in engaging conversations, however this can be difficult if a man isn’t talking at all or isn’t interested in asking any questions.

Another turn off for myself would also be lack of respect or manners towards individuals of certain ethnicity sexuality, occupation, appearance etc. Funnily enough, I even have had my dates disrespect the industry I work for.

Ways To Ease Nerves For First Timers

It is completely understandable that meeting an escort for the first time would be incredibly nerve-racking. In the back of their mind, there will always be questions such as “Is she real?” or “I hope this is worth it for this amount of money” or “I hope I can perform.”

The best advice I can give prior is to relax (in a nice way of course) and have a good time. You have already taken the first step to be in contact with an escort, you’re ready to meet her and he/she is ready to meet you – it should only be getting better from here!

Signs You’re Enjoying Your Time

I would say the continuous eye contact as well as my smile will guarantee I am having a good time. I don’t expect my dates to be mind-readers, however observing my body language is key.

I’m not afraid to make any moves so I’ll naturally touch my date once we establish the connection leading to a touch on the arm or the thigh. Things should get steamy quite quickly before there is even time to ask if I am enjoying my time.