No content for October 2018 as I spent the next few months after my London trip being super busy and stressed out with the promotion at the civilian job. It was really hard to adapt to an intense full-time job on top of being Vivienne. I always go above and beyond in any work I do so I was run down for a little while jumping from job to job.

It didn’t stop me from shooting in November – I also had an awesome suite at Pier One by the water (free upgrade). Perks of working from hotels! Hehe. Gained a little weight in this time of my life :(, but Jonathan Jato who I shot with before didn’t make it obvious!


Seriously though, an amazing room with the best view! Jonathan did some amazing work, I do wish I was a better model in these images but they are still great!

Here’s an iPhone shot as well. 🙂 I miss this avocado tub even though I hate avocados in general.