April 2019. Started the month in a crappy way – removed all my wisdom teeth haha. That was a lovely week….

However, what made it a very big month for me was that I resigned from my civilian job and now do Viv full-time. No more working 9-5 in an office, the 3-4 coffee runs a day and never-ending stress. Well with the stress, that didn’t get any easier. Working for yourself full-time means no work means no money. With my civilian job before, I could have no clients as Viv and still have a stable income. Oh yea, I also gotta pay my own salary and superannuation. Good fun. I don’t even want to think about the tax part….

Anywho, it has been the best decision of my life. It was also great that Justin Fox was one of the first photographers to begin this journey with me. We took some amazing photos as usual. Of course Mia photobombed.


Since becoming full-time, I’ve had much more time to focus on being the best I can be. The portraits below are just the start. 🙂


I also decided to start a Patreon – I’ll delve deeper into what this involves in a future post. Link to my patreon is here in the meantime. 🙂 Any support is truly appreciated.