Written on July 1st 2019. See original entry on Scarlet Blue.

It’s taken me a while to decide what to write about next… so here goes.

A few life changing events have occurred this year, both positive and negative. (I won’t go into detail publicly but I managed to be in the extremes of happiness and sadness within less than 24 hours). It also made me discover what I value in life, the important relationships I cherish as well as who I have become as a person.

So… the point of this post is to reflect on what I have gained from my work – clients are a big influence to this.

As a single adult who recently turned 25, I like to think I’m still young… I wouldn’t say I’m well travelled but I feel like I’ve gained so much knowledge and wisdom about the world through hearing about your stories. Everyone is so different, from living only in one city like myself or multiple throughout many years. I have gained life experience through seeing another life through another’s eyes. I learn from both your decision-making, consequences and life events. There are so many experiences I am yet to discover.

Also as mentioned, I am very single. It’s funny though, I do have many people asking me (a single person) for relationship advice. Surprising or not, a few years ago – I was a complete pushover in relationships, with men who took me for granted, cheated or were overly aggressive. They’re not all to blame, my issue was lack of communication – I just dealt with it. I always had been interested to listen to those clients who wanted to share their lives with me. It has really taught me about love, sex and communication. When I am ready for a partner in the future, I am feeling quite confident that I can be happy in a relationship. (Or I’ll just stick to the many part-time boyfriends I have through my work hehe)

From my encounters, the most relevant piece of knowledge I have gained is the importance of family. I grew up in a simple household without many issues throughout my life. It has made me realise to really appreciate the best part of me that I am someones daughter and sister. It sucks in some cases, because you don’t realise how important it is until an aspect of that has been taken away from you. My clients are a mix of fathers, grandfathers, sons and brothers or a mix of all, and it has shown me through their experience that there is so much love, trust, support and encouragement in these relationships. Most want the best for their families and many will go above and beyond for this. I learnt this trait has grown in me as well. Without this, I don’t think I would’ve been mature enough or brave and tough enough to deal with these serious issues which have arisen recently.

There’s probably more I’m grateful for but I’ll stop typing or else you’ll probably get bored.

Lastly, to those clients who have been a part of my life, I just wanted to say a big thank you. I appreciate everything I have gained from these experiences and I look forward to many more in the future. I hear from some clients that meeting me has helped them in their lives as well, I really hope I do help! No amount of money I earn can buy who I am today.